Friday, January 1, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions


What do you mean by “Green Hotel”?  
Villa del Faro is completely “off the grid”. There are no phone lines and no electricity. We have developed this area in a low impact way. For example we will build around a venerable cactus instead of moving it.

What about water?  
The East Cape is a desert, and there is no water. We buy the water from a local ranch, after which it is purified. We use it sparingly and ask you to do the same. Bottled water for drinking is provided. Water is the gold of our paradise. Drinking water is trucked in and stored in a big tank where it is cleaned and purified. Water for our plants comes from a well with a solar pump in the arroyo.  Water conservation is always of the utmost priority that has always been a part of  life in this “green desert” by the sea.  Some of the grounds have been xeric planted. We use drip systems on most of the plantings. Laundry is sun dried.  This is definitely a “green” hotel.

How do you get electricity?  
Everything at the Villa is run on solar power.   You will see the big bank of solar panels as you first drive in, we have over 30 Sharp 216 watt panels running a 48 volt system which provides lighting, refrigeration, and all our other electrical needs.

Because of satellites, there is computer service and TV.  To call out in an emergency you can use Skype – either on your own computer on ours. We invite you to help us in all our conservation projects

How do you heat the houses in winter? 
Every bedroom including the Stone Beach Cottage has a working fireplace with wood provided.

What else is “Green” about Villa del Faro? 
The surrounding desert is a very delicate ecology, so we try to be sensitive and respectful of the creatures we share it with, and balancing our lives with the natural animal and plant life that surrounds us.


Are there beach chairs and a beach umbrella at the cottage?

What do you mean it’s for the adventurous only?
The Stone Beach Cottage is like very elegant camping! There is an outdoor shower and an outhouse, which is about 12 feet up a rock path and is lit by solar lights.

Are there any cooking facilities?
The Stone Beach cottage has a charcoal grill, a sandpit grill for cooking over the fire, and a small propane burner to make morning coffee.

Does the cottage come with staples like salt, sugar for coffee?
There is no food in the Stone beach cottage. We suggest you bring anything you might need. We can provide you with a cooler and ice to keep perishables in.

How safe are belongings in the cottage if no one is there? Have you had any theft?
We have never had any theft, and there is a lock on the door of the cottage. However if you are worried you can leave valuables in your locked car or up at the Villa.


Is the traveled road visible so that we don't veer off the wrong path? 
The road is quite clearly marked.

Once we are on the dirt road it is an hour to the Villa del Faro, correct? 

If we were to drive into San Jose del Cabo would it be safer to leave and be back before nightfall? 
We recommend you do most of your driving during daylight hours.

How many miles from San Jose del Cabo to the Villa del Faro? 
28 miles or 40 km from the turn off at the main highway, but mileage means little on a dirt road.

Do we need to rent a car from Los Cabos airport and if so, what type of car do we need to drive the terrain? 
Yes, you will need to rent a car at the Los Cabos airport. Any car will do, although if you are planning to explore the area, we recommend a 4-wheel drive.

Would a taxi take us this far out? 
It is too far for a taxi.

Can you drive along the coast to reach you from San Jose Del Cabo, or is it best to go on the road from the airport as indicated on your map? 
As long as you leave in the morning and are ready for an extremely rough ride, the coast road is beautiful. However, we recommend coming over the Palo Escopeta road as shown on the map. The coast road is only graded occasionally.


We are interested in the gourmet dinner as well. How far in advance should we request the dinner?
Either a day in advance or in the morning. 

Where do you buy your food? 
We shop locally and when we can, we gather our vegetables from an organic farm in a town north of the airport. 

Are there any other places to eat nearby? 
There is only one restaurant nearby - it is two miles down the road and run by an American. It is called the "Crossroads Country club" which it will be someday…for now it is a very simple palapa by the sea. The food is decent and it is popular with the surfers. The best part is that you can walk along the beach to get there if you want to go for lunch.


What months are you open? 
We closed from the 1st of August until the 15th of October, (which are the hot months here and is also when there is a possibility of hurricanes.

Is there a phone in the casa for emergencies? 
There is an Internet phone in case of emergencies only.

Is the ocean safe for swimming and snorkeling? 
Yes, we live next to one of the safest swimming beaches in Baja Sur.

Do we bring our own snorkel gear? 

When is the earliest that we could check into the Casa and when is the check out time? 
Check in time is after 1:00 pm and check out is 12:00 am but it is flexible.

When in San Jose del Cabo, what phone number can we phone to reach you? 
E-mail is the only means of communication; we really are off the grid!

Where can I buy groceries in San Jose? 
To go grocery shopping we would suggest "Soriana". It is a large supermarket about halfway to San Jose from the airport. It is a couple of miles beyond the turn-off to us. It will be on your left at a traffic light and its entrance is very clearly marked. Of course after shopping, you will have to turn around and go four or five miles back towards the Airport to get back to the Palo Esopeta road and the "No Tire Basura” signs.

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